Another report projecting growth  in visual analytics market of 22% CAGR 2016 to 2020. Then you read about the declining usage of self-service BI and you cannot help but think that a lot of this money will be wasted.

I investigated this in "Half the money I invest in analytics is wasted" .  

Too often, the critical matter of data is not planned and managed effectively a topic I discuss in "Damning analysis of Analytics".

And then most of the newer agile BI & Analytics vendors are missing a critical piece of the overall picture.

They measure what, when, who, how but only at a superficial level the where.

Market drivers combine to make location a critical underlying component of data:-

  1. Consumers living, ordering and paying via smartphones
  2. Sensors embedded in machines, vehicles, engines, planes, trains, ships and even people
  3. IoT

Just as Tableau and Qlik brought a general analytics lens to view the world to business, operational and analytics users-

So is a new breed of agile location intelligence vendors bringing the geo-spatial lens to tie in the location element with all the others. Like Tableau, Qlik, TIBCO, Logi Analytics and others disrupted the traditional BI vendors so will these new location intelligence players disrupt today's leaders.

More on this over the coming weeks