"Why did GFNorte’s analytics investment pay off when so many others’ do not? We believe GFNorte did at least six things right that enabled its transformation into an analytically enhanced organization."

HBR 04 Jan 2018

Establish a central Analytics Business Unit (ABU)

  1. Set targets & accountability as a profit centre
  2. Support from the top including the CEO
  3. Incentive scheme alignment with other BUs
  4. Rigorous assessment of results
  5. Communication with strategic goals in mind
  6. The right people- analytics & business skills

A 2016 Economic Intelligence Unit Report "found that although 70% of business executives rated analytics as “very” or “extremely important”, just 2% are ready to say they have achieved “broad positive results”

See " Damning analysis of Analytics?"

If you suffer the same analytics fate best you try the GFNorte approach and aim for the 146% ROI Year One