Not over the next 5 years!

"Forrester" highlights the drivers that will prune this number back.

  1. Commoditization & consolidation multiple technologies
  2. Mergers, acquisitions, sales assets and outright failures
  3. Embedded BI subsuming  agile BI

Commoditization & Consolidation

Once it was enough to be a world class specialist vendor e.g. :-

  • Location Analytics
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Visualisation
  • Enterprise reporting and querying
  • Predictive analytics

Now, customers expect this all on in the one product

Mergers, acquisitions, outright failure

Infor purchasing Birst is a recent sign of this.

See "Sign of the Analytics Times?" 

ERP, CRM, Enterprise Apps & Platform Vendors will consume many independent BI vendors and some will wither on the vine

Embedded BI subsuming agile BI

Agile BI finds it hard to scale to enterprise-wide BI. There is no time for information workers to search for new insights from new internal, external and unstructured data sources. 

They need contextual insights which means in the context of the apps they use hour-by-hour, day-by-day.

For that to succeed information workers need to be presented with relevant, timely insights AND be empowered to make & execute decisions. That makes "write-back" an essential benefit of any analytics technology. 

Those vendors without best of breed embedding and write-back will find it hard to be in the survivors.

Might be a good time to read the "BI Vendors Measure up against Gartner 2017 BI MQ & Critical Capabilities Reports" report. 

Also read "Analytics vendors besieged on all sides"

Which ones do you think will survive independently or be acquired?