2 significant observations in article bottom of page.

  1. Consumer behaviour will be markedly different
  2. It's not just Millennials but all age groups that are changing

Therefore, those organisations that merely digitise existing processes for efficiency and cost saving are doomed to death by a thousand cuts.

I was taken by Domino's Pizzas that took this to heart:

See: "Forget the Pizza- look at the Digital Transformation".

Digital transformation must be driven by vision, cultural & organisational transformation and leadership by the CEO.

Don't leave it to the CTO, CDO, CMO and other digital technology types. This needs vision, strategy, creativity, not to mention courage and a pan-enterprise commitment.  

Leadership that demands the organisation starts with the customer and re-imagines:-

  • Products and services
  • Customer experience
  • Customer Journey

It needs a brave CEO and C-Suite as too many senior and junior staff are ready to resist. "On machine-learning and AI just can't beat my team of seasoned & canny fraud investigators" is one symptom of such barriers.

See: "A big obstacle to digital transformation".

But go back to the Domino's Pizza example and if you do not apply the same energy and strategy then fear for the future.  Whatever industry:-

  1. Hospitality
  2. Healthcare
  3. Insurance
  4. Banking
  5. Facilities Management
  6. Asset Management
  7. Retail & Distribution
  8. Construction & Engineering
  9. Manufacturing
  10. Social Housing
  11. Vehicle sales, service, repairs and hire

The list is never ending. If the Domino's Pizza exemple is not enough to convince you, and it should be, see:-

"Siemens, Philips & GE -digital transformers?"