"The global analytics market will be worth $18.3 billion by the end of the year according to a recent Gartner report. Despite this, many organizations are still failing to see return on investment (ROI) despite significant analytics infrastructure spending"

"Can Curated Data Fix The $18.3 Billion Analytics Market?" Bernard Marr FORBES 22 March 2017

These issues are reviewed in:-

"Damning analysis of Analytics"

"Why do so many BI projects fail at the planning stage?"

Too many enterprises and public sector organisations treat analytics as visualisation, insight and cosmetics rather than the vital role of enabling leaders across the organisation make and execute better decisions

Data is, always was and always will be the source point of accurate, timely and relevant decisions. Whether:

  • Solely by people
  • People aided by augmented intelligence
  • Automated by adoption of AI, RPA, machine learning

All absolutely screwed unless the decisions are based on all the data required and that data being reliable.

See article below for the role of curated intelligence to help you achieve the desired outcomes and ROI from BI & Analytics