It amazes me that I come across the use of analytics to predict which individuals might leave the company but don't analysing the information in performance and exit interviews to identify the very problems that result in people leaving in the first place.

This is the tenor of the good content in the article link below 

"Wasting Time on the Wrong Analytics"

Author: Greta Roberts, CEO, Talent Analytics, Corp.1 September 2011

She aims a valid barb at CEOs and analysts that ignore the measurement of that most vital asset- TALENT. 

I have dwelt on this subject before- see "HR Analytics an Oxymoron?" Whilst HR is a laggard when it comes to unlocking data and analytics it is not the only one. 

Most organisations are either unable, too lazy or just distracted from accessing the unstructured data held in documents, emails and scanned letters/forms. 

  • Letters and emails of complaint and praise
  • Social media
  • Blueprints archived underneath Waterloo Station
  • Freeform text submitted on insurance claims forms
  • Penalty Charge Notice ( parking tickets) appeals 
  • Document management systems relying on structured metadata ( often the wrong focus)

The list goes on and on. 

Wasting time on the wrong analytics has a negative impact.