When a major insurance company takes this approach and Net Promoter Score (NPS) rises from OK to 76 you know this is customer service transformation through digital transformation. With embedded real-time analytics over the whole cycle to plan, organise, direct and control more effectively


Digitally transforming the whole process:-

  • Submitting claim
  • Able to add new info including photo & video
  • Accessing & analysing all data, including unstructured
  • Speeding up claim processing- high proportion same day
  • Leaving time and attention to focus on those that need more investigation
  • Digitising the supply chain that replaces, repairs, hires temporary services
  • With transparency and real-time analytics over whole cycle

Paul Stanley shows that 90% customers choose this approach and submit photo, video and voice data to speed up the investigation and acceptance phase.

This may not have the fizzy digital disruption of Lemonade, the cognitive excitement of applying AI or the energy of the Insurtech creches with newborn technology infants.

No- it is the massive change seen by tackling the inefficiencies that bedevil the traditional insurance company that was afraid of the disruptive threat to legacy systems teams & processes. Answer?

Deploy in the cloud with simple and secure url per client case. See more at 360Globalnet Insurance Platform