Business intelligence and data analytics are popular buzzwords. But businesses face considerable obstacles to turning the buzz into better decisions. 

The key to success is embedding analytics in an organisations' critical applications. People do not have time to divert to analytics apps however appealing they are. They need to see critical information in the context of the job they are doing.

That is why Logi Analytics is so strong in embedded analytics and BI.  Not always the sexiest looking, not always the most functionally rich.

But when push comes to shove you have to look inside the enterprise and decide on which Analytics and BI technology you will bet the company.

Maybe that is why Logi Analytics continues to grow steadily rather than atmospherically. It delivers world class analytics that organisations can deploy in enterprise applications to enable users across the enterprise make and action better decisions.

Always wise to look at alternatives like Looker, Tibco and Information Builders but use Logi Analytics as the benchmark. Gartner rates it #1 for embedded analytics

If you just want standalone analytics, and do so at your peril, then fine to consider Looker, a Santa Cruz, Calif.-based supplier of analytics tools, which is taking on publicly-traded Seattle-based Tableau Software in the $18 billion market for data analytics that includes business intelligence (BI) and data visualization, according to Gartner

Is Looker a threat to Tableau in that market?Without a doubt but it is a short term market to exploit. Embedded analytics is the only way.