Many BI vendors claim embedding capability; most do not live up to the promise. 

Interesting review by Mike Marriage on the benefits of deep embedding. The value comes from users having insights in the context of the key tasks and activities they must achieve. 

In the applications they use day by day and minute by minute. Not as standalone BI or a separate tag they must toggle between.

Another test of any true embedded BI or analytics solution is answering this question.

"Can you update data and trigger action from the BI/Analytics screen or not?

 If not it's just presentational BI/Analytics and this shallow implementation level usually disappoints.

Why do you need insights? To make decisions and take action. That means what it says- take action.

For that, the BI/Analytics must include "write-back" or bidirectional architecture if you prefer. Not many offer that.

One that does is Logi Analytics as indeed does Progress OpenEdge  Analytics360.

In the insurance industry 360Globalnet delivers big data access and analytics embedded in an insurance digital platform

If you aspire to the best BI & Analytics performance at least benchmark your own against these  gold standard solutions