AI will not of itself change the world, neither will big data. Blockchain is just an infrastructure, nt a panacea. 

Jon Markman makes a telling point. It took a long time for The Internet & Mobile Comms to change the way people work, live and interact in such a major way.

Similarly, AI and Big data with other technologies will take longer than you think to change platforms, enterprise apps and hollow out employment.

There are faster returns to be made by reforming shitty data and processes before trying to apply AI to big data across the enterprise and public sector organisation. .

But come it will as it is already appearing in tight apps and processes. One danger to avoid at all costs:-

Data Scientists, Big Data Architects, Analysts all working inside organisations are removed from the front-line experience of customers and operations. An algorithm isolated from real-life is as likely to be sub-optimal as effective.

Humans are still humans and ever will be. We act and make decisions without knowing how- we are illogical and emotional.  AI can look appealingly smart but if working on poor or incomplete data will be dumb. 

That will take longer to tackle but the inflection point is getting nearer .