“Insight platforms” come in three types: visual, predictive, and streaming. " Joel Hans RT Insights 30 Jan 2017"

I wish to add the fourth "Embedded". By that I mean embedded in enterprise applications and workflows 

 “insight-driven business are more successful” by harnessing digital insights and learning how to adapt. He adds: “How do they do this? By operating in a closed-loop learning process. The key idea here is to continuously experiment, and learn from the results of those experiments. Question every process, every decision, and how you can improve it.”

He further argues that companies need to be frank and courageous as to how they measure the efficacy of any given result. Without some genuine soul-searching, that iterative process will get stuck along the way.  "Lou Bajuk-Yorgan TIBCO Software"

It is one thing to apply this in free-standing analytics platforms. There is a weight of evidence that to gain optimal results you should embed analytics in the core systems of the organisation so that every user gains insight in the context of the job/tasks they are involved in.