How often does a business user see new insights but not be able to apply these in the context of the outcomes they wish to achieve?

Answer- far too often!

When BI & Analytics sit in a bubble of their own operational and business users are one or more steps removed from the task in hand. That makes it more difficult to use information and users tend to disregard it.

The answer?- Embed analytics and BI in the core applications and platforms of the organisation. That means the analytics will share the same data as the apps and be as relevant as those apps.

More than that they are embedded in workflows- in the key tasks and activities users have to achieve for success. 

For a platform that rejuvenates core systems of record see 360Globalnet

To embed Analytics and BI in enterprise apps see the Gartner BI and Analytics Platforms Critical Capabilities Report.  

To embed location data in enterprise apps see CARTO.