Valuable research from McKinsey showing one reason EU Public Sector so inefficient. It can only access and analyse 10% to 20% of the value of the data it collects and stores.

Therefore it cannot make the best decisions. Reasons given include:-

  • Lack of analytical talent
  • Leadership sceptical of impact

Where analytics are exploited well the results are really encouraging. See Islington Council.

Municipal government manage a wide range if assets. Take the importance of social housing where the landlord-tenant relationship is ripe for digital transformation. 

Letting tenants report faults and damage via phone, tablets and PC via customised templates and adding photo/image data so the housing associations can respond faster and more effectively to address issues. 

The Housing Associations can manage contractors via the same digital platform to reduce waste materials, over-spec quotations and service tenants better. 

To achieve that local government does need to be able to access and analyse structured and unstructured data  and luckily today's digital platforms are better able to allow them to do so.