AI, Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics- can they help mitigate these risks? Business and other plans all impacted by these 10 ( and other risks).

This where predictive forecasting needs the human touch and a rigorous process.

Black Swan outcomes are not for algorithms but on the other hand neither do we need experts (or the opposite) with cognitive bias. 

We need forecasters and leaders with teams that apply structured problem solving and analytics capabilities

Looking at our current/coming political leaders how would you rate them?

  1. President Elect Donald J Trump?
  2. Chancellor Angela Merkel?
  3. President Xi Jinping?
  4. Prime Minister Teresa May?
  5. President Vladimir Putin?
  6. President Recep TayyipErdoğan?
  7. President Jacob Zuma?
  8. President Jean-Claude Junker?
  9. President Hassan Rouhani?
  10. King Salman

Food for thought!