Imagine my surprise when I found that Islington Council (London ) had 148 CEOs! Municipal government maybe bureaucratic but that was going way too far. Oops- the TLA stands for "Civil Enforcement Officer", not Chief Exec, more familiarly knows as a traffic warden to motorists.

Go back to the 1930's and black & while photos of an English town high street with a only a few cars parked nonchalantly in the wide open spaces of the road. Cut to 2016 with stressed motorists desperately seeking a free parking bay or to escape the pending penalty from an advancing CEO. .

The linked article below shows clearly the benefits of data and analytics to plan optimal parking solutions and the need for a mix of data scientists and parking manager professionals to make data driven decisions. At stake is the balance  between two often contradictory objectives:-

  1. Freedom for individuals to enjoy the facilities of specific areas of cities, towns, villages and tourist sites 
  2. Optimal traffic flow through said areas.

Reading through the article below shows the many variables that come into play. I never knew the importance of having at least 9 uninterrupted parking bays and the options this gives planners.

 When I lived in a Victorian House with roadside parking it was obvious when the two + two= three law came into play. 

My very first analytics solutions answered the needs of parking services in Islington. Until a blockchain enabled parking nirvana of smart & autonomous vehicles, parking bays and highways the modelling and planning revealed below is paramount to an optimal solution