Location data is increasingly important as organisations analyse their users' behaviour over time and by place. Joined to external data sources the value derived will lead to the competitive advantage required to stay ahead of the pack.

Location is not just a set of co-ordinates however. Whilst it can be as explicit as that many clients think of location in more generalised ways.

When reporting a road traffic accident a claimant may describe the incident as happening on the "PearTree Roundabout on the A40". 

Fraud investigators suspicious that this is one of a number of fraudulent claims in the area need to be able to use their knowledge & intuition to track down similar incidents.

An "Enterprise level Google" means of searching through free form text, structured data and photo/video metadata for example; internal and external of course.

And then the location intelligence to analyse the data to predict potential fraud. Finally, once the evidence proven a means of changing company information e.g. "Watchlists".

This is where you can look to a combination of technologies/solutions to provide an answer.

  • 360Gobalnet for the Enterprise Search across structured & unstructured data
  • Carto for Location Intelligence
  • Logi Analytics for purpose built BI
  • Yext to publish/update company location information across all media