• Self-driving, autonomous vehicles wiping out the jobs of taxi, bus, train & truck drivers?
  •  Telehealth with AI diagnosing patient's conditions and delivering better prognosis?
  • Call centre agents replaced by smartbots and personalised "intelligent" systems? 

On the one hand even skilled professional people like doctors spend most of their time on trivial tasks so AI could free them to apply more time applying human cognition to better serve their patients' interests. Given the alarming rate of wrong diagnosis in hospitals AI could help the patient but also the physician and surgeon.

Data and analytics are there to drive better decision-making based on fact. And it is a fact that most decision makers forecast futures by bending data to suite their big idea, See why, when predicting outcomes,  the "The average expert was roughly as accurate as a dart throwing chimpanzee!  "

AI  will radically change the world over time. Before that  happens, machine-learning will automate simple repetitive decision making. 

Before that, politicians, business, education and government leaders better apply themselves to developing the strategies to anticipate these changes.

Otherwise the rebellious voters who support Trump in the USA and Corbyn in the UK will get even more active with damaging results for us all.