The majority of organisations are still focussed on basic BI & Analytics deployments- analysing the past and present. Many have not even cracked the essentials:

  •  Testing & knowing their data is reliable and reasonably up-to-date. 
  • Ensuring all staff use these reliable data sources

So it is certainly a case of running before being able to walk to talk about exploiting the potential Martin Hall of Intel describes in the linked article below.

But to achieve competitive differentiation and survive in a sea of predators applying cultural & digital transformation you had better have the strategy to be able to exploit the "Internet of Intelligent Things" with the associated streaming data.

Recommend you read Martin Butler's report   "Business Analytics Maturity Model" to identify the stage you are on now and where you need to be headed.

Move beyond basic BI & Analytics to "Decisioning Applications" within organisations. These certainly will need to exploit

  • machine sensors
  • machine learning
  •  AI 
  • The Internet of Intelligent Things