Do you treat Analytics and Business Intelligence as a standalone class of enterprise apps? If so you maybe stopping 80% of the value from enterprise data being extracted and analysed to achieve smarter decision making.

Scary, but in the round this is true unless:-

  1. You integrate/embed analytics in the DNA of enterprise apps
  2. Deploy purpose built apps with world class analytics built in
  3. Delivered to all people across the organisation
  4. On the device they need from wallboard to smartphone
  5. Without costing the earth.

The traditional mega vendors, SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft will help you achieve that but you may not have the time, budget or staff.

The flashy data discovery & visualisation tools look good but do not have the platform & APIs vital for this.

There are a number of vendors that fit the bill including ( but not exclusively) Information Builders, Board, Spotfire and Logi Analytics. MicroStrategy....

You might not need a complete analytics/BI platform in which case you could evaluate some specialists like Carto discovering and predicting the key insights hidden in your enterprise location data & apps.

Genius or Dunce? Be smart and embed analytics in your genius enterprise apps. And stay away from anyone stating that it is easy to surface and visualise all the data in your organisation.