Analytics Project Leaders often start at the wrong point! The intention is good- to make smarter decisions but a vital success factor is often overlooked.

Making smarter decisions will involve people across the business and we all know that digital transformation is not achievable without cultural transformation.

And you don't get cultural transformation without strong leadership and involvement of all relevant employees in planning the analytics project.

Take that hoary old topic- line of business people fed up with waiting for IT and using revenue budgets to licence flashy visualisation products. First thing that you can screw up on is the data and IT is the custodian of "good data". And unless involved from the start IT will not be interested or committed to sorting out the mess:-

"Great dashboards- pity about the data!"

The story below from SAS and Banco Galicia starts with choosing the right starting point and details five other critical success factors. I've nothing to do with SAS or Banco Galicia- just appreciated the article.