Read today case made that "Lemonade" is an example of digital disruption that traditional insurance companies cannot replicate without starting from scratch.

In fact, the brave insurance carriers will apply the good advice given in  linked content below and consider how they should anticipate the future.

The good news is that with strong CEO & leadership the cultural and digital transformation can be planned and executed and is in fact "Sine qua non" .

It can be executed without having to throw away the baby with the bathwater. Keep the legacy systems by adopting the new platforms like 360Globalnet and you will add more fizz than lemonade. 

Complete end-to-end digital transformation for major competitive differentiation. Always better to start with bite sized goals- maybe the ability to ingest and analyse the 70% to 90% of data that cannot usually be analysed ( text, email, video & photo for example) so as to have a more complete picture of customers, their insurance claims and  the repair/replace supply chain that delivers customer satisfaction. 

There is a vibrant insurtech sector being embraced by innovative insurance carriers with eye to the future.