The linked article below caught my eye- it is often the case that an expert is needed here and now- 

  • onsite inspections of hurricane damage
  • when unforeseen issues are found during repair/replacement of insured buildings.
  • telehealth in care homes and remote locations
  •  oil rigs
  • fire, storm, drought, earthquake and other natural disasters

And this article emphasises the global, thinly spread number and nature of some experts. I was recently told of just two people worldwide able to diagnose and proscribe action for specific railway bridges.

Streaming data is a vital part of digital transformation across all markets. 

  • Insurance
  • Asset Management
  • Construction & Engineering to name a few. 

See how to apply this to help assess, repair and replace damaged buildings and contents. A vital part of insurtech digital transformation of processes.

So what's this to do with analytics?

Simple- the value of the location, time, photo/video, speech data for trend analysis, real-time analysis and to make and execute better decisions.

All part of the digital transformation disrupting lethargic enterprises and changing for the better innovative organisations.