See Tom Davenport's summary (below) of five types of "Analytics of Things".  He makes the good point that achieving the higher stages bullet-pointed below  is predicated on analysing structured, semi-structured & unstructured data with the IoT pumping out gigantic volumes of streaming data

  • Predicting necessary actions
  • Prescribing decisions 

Information consumers will be swamped by alerts, warnings and the best data visualisation in the world will not help. This means that BI & Analytics strategy must lead eventually to Automating Analytics for the IoT.

Location Intelligence is set to take an increasing importance in these analytics stages- the joining & analysis of spatial and enterprise data to leverage the value of location data and not just visualise it.

You might like to overlay this with my earlier article "IoT is a means to an end- not an end in itself". 

It mirrors the statement that Tom makes- "So we've got our work cut out for us on IoT decision automation". But the work needs to start now even if you are setting out on the first step- Descriptive Analytics for IoT.