Get a new view and meaning from data. See the significant competitive advantage gained for a Malaysian Telco identified by machine-learning software (see below)

Whether you are a large enterprise, SMB, ISV, SaaS solutions provider- this is where you should be planning to gain competitive advantage over rivals.

Ingesting the 80% to 90% of information locked up in emails, letters, free-form text, photo and video images. Identifying which of this is relevant and giving meaning that can be exploited by:-

  • Product Marketing
  • Operations
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Field Engineers
  • Project Management
  • Risk management
  • Engineering
  • Product Development
  • Public Health
  • Clinical Analysis
  • the list is never ending

And the good news is that agile platforms are now proven such as Hewlett Packard Enterprises Big Data Analytics Platform. With Vertica and IDOL ingest analyse all of the data in your organisation not just 80%. Use IDOL's machine learning capabilities and distribute insights and meaning across the enterprise on a secure ans scalable BI platform like Logi Info.

On the other hand avoid the danger of relying too much on numbers, predictive analytics, and algorithms. Make sure the practical knowledge, experience and intuition of people on the front-line is blended in. Offer self-service BI to information creators to query data, author and share new reports, dashboards and visualisations.  Only on a secure and scalable BI platform however to avoid creating data silos.

Defend against analysts creating silos of data and information by using an enterprise-wide analytics platform so analysts can still use visual data discovery, analytics tools and share insights and meaning across the enterprise.

And finally, but not last in priority, remember that digital transformation like this cannot permeate an organisation unless there is cultural and structural transformation. Take the very insurance industry Xchanging service. 

These behemoths are notorious for transforming one area, say insurance claims handling, only for the Fraud Division to ignore the power of machine learning software and instead rely on large departments of investigators to manually trawl through records taking too much time and costing too much to yield no better results

In conclusion, 

  • make sure you are able to analyse 100% of the data in an organisation whilst being able to sift out the irrelevant. 
  • Combine  big data analytics platforms with BI platforms that exploit machine learning AND self-service BI
  • Embed analytics in the workflows, processes of the organisation
  • Ensure the analytics platform is suitable for all personas across the organisation and not just analysts, data scientists and planners