Apparently there are very few engineers with the experience to make decisions about certain major rail bridges- just two worldwide in one example. Experience problems in such a bridge in UK and you have to fly the engineer in from Japan- time and money wasted when all you may have to do is stream data from a drone. If you need more detail add video/photo  data plus intuition from a local engineer who can work with real-time guidance from the Japan-based expert. 

Drones can play a significant part in planned & preventative maintenance programmes- asset management and facilities management. Ingest the data in new and innovative Location Intelligence solutions like Carto to join and analyse location & enterprise data.  

 The real value-add comes when you ingest the rich metadata into a machine learning analytics platform like IDOL from Hewlett packard Enterprise. Combined with the Vertica Big Data Analytics Platform and you have cost-effective means of managing and insuring assets exploiting predictive analytics to anticipate failures.

Look at 360Globalnet for practical examples of utilising streamed data in the insurance construction and asset management markets. Not just from drones- rugged video and photo devices and for normal usage smartphones/tablets. Invaluable time & date stamped visual and location data.