Since Passle is a business based in Oxford and I am resident of The Thames Valley it is great to see more of the Top 100 based outside of the capital (52 compared to 42 in 2015). There are arguments for moving to the City but as a 'millennial' the cost of living and limited easy access to fitness activities would be a constant burden. I imagine this would dampen productivity in the long term. I am fortunate that our London office is in WeWork and with their WeLive growing this will certainly solve aspects of the problem. It will be interesting to see if a future TechTrack company is an AirBnB/WeWork hybrid. Kudos to TOG who also offer gyms in their trendy office space.

In the last 3 years the combined 100 companies have employed 11k people and increased sales by 88% (£2.2bn combined).

With LoveCrafts at number 3 on the list it is a reminder of the value of online communities and content (not that this is needed after the acquisition of LinkedIn). The business itself is an online community for craft lovers where ideas can be shared.

The Lad Biblecommunity of....lads (and others) to offer data on content interaction to the likes of Netflix to better serve their users and keen them engaged.

is also on the 'Ones to Watch' and again leverages a

The 2016 number 1 ranked company, UKCloud, was in the 'Ones to Watch' list along with Deliveroo! A good place to be.

I would expect to see future lists to contain a Property and/or Insurance technology company. These are sectors that are currently experiencing rapid exploration into the technology sector.