"The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data" The Economist back in 2017 

On December 3rd Instech London hosts a webinar on leveraging this too often underutilized asset. You can link to the registration details at the bottom of this article.  

This event will look at the technology and services now available to insurers to extract value from unstructured data, and will run through proven use cases around risk analysis, fraud detection and customer insights. We’ll get to see the technologies in action including the very latest techniques for analysing photos and images.

Hosted by Robin Merttens, Partner at InsTech London, the event will include: 

Adrian Webb, Strategic Advisor, 360Globalnet
David Taylor, Head of Fraud, Mulsanne Insurance Company
Henriette Fleischmann, Co-founder, Hosta Labs

Join us and extract all the value of unstructured data.