During our SugarCon conference last week, we revealed some really cool items we're working on, namely Sugar Intelligence - which reinvents the way users interact with their CRM system.

The core tenet of Sugar Intelligence, and our further down the line AI assistant tools, focus on the fact that immediate, almost intuitive access to knowledge (as many will say - "before we even know we need it" in some cases) is what is driving the perception of value in business apps. 

The feature sets that megalith companies like Salesforce and SAP and even Microsoft have built and acquired could come a distant second to timely, relevant data bits that truly make an employee better at their jobs at the point of customer interaction.

Time will tell, but immediate response to our announcements has been uniform: SugarCRM is driving innovation in new directions, yet again. And customers, partners and industry observers are excited in the direction we're taking CRM in the foreseeable future and beyond.